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Basic Fanuc control parameters – How to change square brackets to round brackets? – Parameter 3204

Comments are a very useful “option” in programs. We put in them various information – from the most basic such as the name of the part, material, tools, to tips that are to be helpful in the next setting. There are cases when inserting or editing a comment is very difficult…

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Free materials, software and CNC simulators – where to get the knowledge…

Systematically, from time to time, there are posts on various forums related to CNC, such as “is there a website from which you can download for free shopmill” or “I am looking for manual for Fanuc 0iTD”. Let’s clear up the doubts once and for all – there are legal and available sources of knowledge and materials in the field of programming and operating CNC machines on various control systems. And the CNC simulator to learn programming does not have to be downloaded from the Russian server. So count down one by one – according to the alphabet …

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Industry does not give up to the virus – photo report from STOM 2020

Although at a later date, in autumn, with lots of restrictions and epidemiological studies, however, Kielce Trade Fairs and exhibitions from the cycle STOM not stop neither the virus nor the global economic downturn. What’s more, their position may strengthen right now. After a long time of stagnation, webinars and “stay-at-home” gave a chance to re-establish relations between entrepreneurs and clients, looking for new contacts and solutions. And the need is great, especially at this moment.

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