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STOM 2020 – change of date – latest information and statement by Kielce Trade Fairs

Considering what has been going on in the world and in Poland recently, more and more organizers of various events are making decisions about changes or cancellation of plans. Targi Kielce also faced a similar dilemma. Fortunately, the decision that was made was to postpone STOM 2020 to a further date – September 22-24. Below we present the statement of Targi Kielce in relation to the situation. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the material below and, just like the e-cnc-art team, book now the September date in calendar.

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The future is here and now – augmented reality in industry

Can you imagine a world where you only need to put on special glasses and with a few hand gestures check the monuments and attractions in the visited place? Or maybe you are decorating an apartment and checking furniture matching this way, and all you need is a smartphone and the right application.

Everyday life … But let’s go a step further. Imagine a medical student “training” heart surgery. Or a service technician diagnosing a production line failure in the factory.

This is no longer a science fiction movie. This technology is now available almost at your fingertips. I am talking about “virtual reality” and “augumented reality”.

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