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Free materials, software and CNC simulators – where to get the knowledge…

Systematically, from time to time, there are posts on various forums related to CNC, such as “is there a website from which you can download for free shopmill” or “I am looking for manual for Fanuc 0iTD”. Let’s clear up the doubts once and for all – there are legal and available sources of knowledge and materials in the field of programming and operating CNC machines on various control systems. And the CNC simulator to learn programming does not have to be downloaded from the Russian server. So count down one by one – according to the alphabet …

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How to change language on Fanuc control system?

The ability to change language on a CNC machine is usually useful in three cases. You bought a used machine from a foreign company, you work abroad, but you don’t know a foreign language or … you have a “joker” at work, who set the Turkish language on your machine and just in this moment has a lot of fun when you are trying to understand what actually happened on your machine …

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Fanuc – simple instruction for files / programs transfer

I know from experience that it is very easy to lose all programs from a machine. There will always be someone who presses the buttons on the machine faster than reads and thinks. It is a pity if we lose good, well-run programs, in which we put a lot of work. So it’s worth to systematically download them. Of course, transfer the other way, i.e. to the CNC machine, is also a key issue and today it will be about the transfer of programs both ways in several ways.

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