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If you were wondering how to make your machine settings more “friendly” for you!
If there are settings on your machine that simply make your life difficult!
Or maybe you have several machines on Fanuc and after switching the program from one to another you have to adapt it to the machine!
Programmer, setter, CNC machine operator – know that you don’t have to live like this !!!
This series of articles is just for you. Because actually almost everything that upsets you while working on your machine (except for unsatisfactory salary) can be eliminated with the help of configuration parameters and it is not particularly complicated. So read on to make friends with the parameters and adjust the system like a suit from a good tailor …

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The “Tower of Babel” problem in the CNC industry

The story of the Tower of Babel teaches us how the lack of a common language can inhibit development or even completely ruin promising work. Until now, the CNC industry was just like construction site of the Babel tower. However, two years ago there was a breakthrough and something began to change on this topic. I am talking about an umati which is supposed to change this …

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