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Basic Fanuc control parameters – How to change square brackets to round brackets? – Parameter 3204

Comments are a very useful “option” in programs. We put in them various information – from the most basic such as the name of the part, material, tools, to tips that are to be helpful in the next setting. There are cases when inserting or editing a comment is very difficult…

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If you were wondering how to make your machine settings more “friendly” for you!
If there are settings on your machine that simply make your life difficult!
Or maybe you have several machines on Fanuc and after switching the program from one to another you have to adapt it to the machine!
Programmer, setter, CNC machine operator – know that you don’t have to live like this !!!
This series of articles is just for you. Because actually almost everything that upsets you while working on your machine (except for unsatisfactory salary) can be eliminated with the help of configuration parameters and it is not particularly complicated. So read on to make friends with the parameters and adjust the system like a suit from a good tailor …

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