Monthly Archives: May 2020

How to change language on Fanuc control system?

The ability to change language on a CNC machine is usually useful in three cases. You bought a used machine from a foreign company, you work abroad, but you don’t know a foreign language or … you have a “joker” at work, who set the Turkish language on your machine and just in this moment has a lot of fun when you are trying to understand what actually happened on your machine …

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Fanuc – simple instruction for files / programs transfer

I know from experience that it is very easy to lose all programs from a machine. There will always be someone who presses the buttons on the machine faster than reads and thinks. It is a pity if we lose good, well-run programs, in which we put a lot of work. So it’s worth to systematically download them. Of course, transfer the other way, i.e. to the CNC machine, is also a key issue and today it will be about the transfer of programs both ways in several ways.

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