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EMO 2019 – report, impressions and the most important topics

For almost a week, Hannower was mastered by robots, machines managed by the latest software, artificial intelligence. EMO 2019 was held from 16 until 21.09.2019 – the largest metalworking industry fair in Europe. During this time, the premieres of the latest CNC machines, specialized machines, robotic stations, controls, intelligent factory management software, CAMs and 3D printing technology were waiting for visitors. Of course, e-cnc-art was in place. I drank “honey and wine” with robots, and now I will report on this event.

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STOM 2019 – Industrial spring in Kielce Trade Fairs

Organizing the tool trade fair at this time was, in my opinion, a great move from Targi Kielce. March is the moment, when companies are beginning to start investments planned for this year, looking for new solutions and technologies, and exactly here, in Kielce Trade Fairs, it can be all found. STOM is the first trade fair in this industry, which is after the New Year and from year to year I can see their incredibly dynamic development.

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